Trending This Week – “history of the entire world i guess”

before i begin, let me just say that this is all based on my personal opinions and may not be supported by actual facts.

a video titled ‘history of the entire world i guess’ has been trending on YouTube and so here are my two cents on the video.

one of my observations was how religion has emerged and changed over the course of history. i am a christian by faith but there are certain views that i have of the religion which most would disagree with.

there are so many different denominations in Christianity, which is real?

i have always believed that Christianity is one sole religion on its own but humans have chose to interpret the bible differently or they may have augment their faith to align with their own interests. (again, i would like to emphasize that this is just my opinion). the Catholics believe in the Pope and the Jews refuse to accept Jesus Christ, but really, we all live by a law known as the ‘bible’. i respect the Catholics, but personally it is hard for me to accept the authority of a human figure over me (for example: the Pope) when he is equally liable to sin as any of us. many denominations have emerged over time (Methodists, Presbyterians, Orthodox, Mormons) but as long as all of them can peacefully co-exist, it is fine. which brings me to my next point, what if religion is the cause of violence and conflict?

the Arab-Israeli conflict in the middle east resulted in a series of wars and is still ongoing today.

the Jews believed that the territory, which is known as their ‘promised land’, belonged to them and had a great significance in their religion. similarly, the Arabs naturally saw it as their territory given that they have lived there for centuries and were regarded as ‘Muslim lands’. (feel free to correct me on this). based on my knowledge, both parties do have rightful claims to the land. the Jews were displaced from their homeland and scattered all over the roman empire until recently they returned with the declaration of the state of Israel. you cannot blame the Arabs for choosing to defend themselves since they have been here all the time while the Jews were away. now this is an example of violence for a cause when both parties are justified in their own ways. in more recent years, violence due to religious beliefs have came in the form of terrorism which most of us know as the ISIS.

islamthe ‘Islamic State’ in ISIS “have been criticized and ridiculed by Muslim scholars and rival Islamist both inside and outside the territory it controls”. this is an example of how humans exploit religion as a means to advance their personal interests. i have never came across a religion requiring humans to kill one another. i always saw religion as a code of conduct: for selfish, greedy humans to live for something better and to do good in our lifetime. in the bible, we are commanded to love one another, we are taught not to harbor evil thoughts against people who may go against us. in Buddhism, there is ‘karma’, which refers to actions leading to future consequences, and hence kindness begets kindness.

to sum up what i have to say about religion:

religion should never be the source of conflict, or a driving force behind violent intentions. humans are always at odds against each other, which is very depressing. this also leads me to my next point.

i laughed each time China united and then broke again.(the jingle made it so hard to resist) War is a recurring trend throughout the history of the entire world. ask any person and they probably know of the name ‘Hitler’ and ‘Alexander the Great’. they were great leaders and led their men to countless battles. people fought mostly for territories in the past, which reinforces the idea that humans are selfish. i firmly believe that humans have no business in taking each other’s lives because life itself is already too short. why can’t humans be contented with what they have? or working to achieve their goals but not to the extent of taking lives away.

nuclear warand then from conventional warfare, we had nuclear war. the development of nuclear weapons really changed the way war was fought. the risk of an all out nuclear war during the Cold War era between the US and the Soviet Union is a wake up call for everyone. it is frightening. one wrong move can lead to the end of humanity.

it was very refreshing and enlightening to have watched this video and learnt more about the history of the world and it was rather disheartening to notice that even as humans become smarter and made so many discoveries and advancement in technology, we still fight one another over resources and strategic interests. to me, i see a world where humans may live in peace and harmony, and though the world isn’t the way i hope it would be, i still believe in the good of mankind and that we will strive to make this world a better place to be.



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