Dear God – My First Post

Dear God,

how will i be remembered? 

i am ordinary. when i was 9, i went to church with all the other kids. in school, i did well but was always expected more. i played basketball but was neither the fastest, nor could i jump the highest.

then i grew up a little. hanging out with friends and late nights became cool. and like many others, the late ‘teens’ were the time i tried too hard to be cool. even then, i do not stand out. people probably took notice but never really take the effort to remember.

i wanted to do many things as a kid. i played the piano but when i went over to my friend’s place to celebrate his birthday party, all the other kids could play some classic piece to impress the rest but i stood there wishing i could do the same as well. i picked up the guitar but all i do is strum chords and sing out of tune to the songs i try to play.

at some point i realized that i am really ordinary. my mum would disagree, but i am at peace with the fact that i am nothing special. what i am saying is, it is perfectly fine to be ordinary. being ordinary does not stop me from achieving my dreams. i am the kid that jumps all day, reaching for the backboard of the basketball hoop, hoping that one day i would touch the rim.

God, you know, i am thankful for the way i turn out to be. i sing praises to you every Sunday because i know, there are many ordinary humans out there just like me, but all of us can be anything we set our goals to be. You made us the way we are but it is us who decides how our stories would be written.

this shall be the beginning of something greater. someday, i hope people will be looking for the first post and this will be it. hey all, everyone had to start somewhere. so this is my attempt at it.

All honor and glory to You, Lord.


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